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Must visit this place of Bakor

Chek out our Bakor Tour Packages. Bakor is located in the Gujarat state of India in the east direction. This village is situated on the hills of Aravali and forest with Mahuva trees and shrubs. People of this village is mainly dependent on the farming and forest resources for the monsoon season the Bakor is full of green grass, shrubs, and tall trees.

Bakor is the place for those who love the nature, nature photographer and wildlife photographer. Bakor provides a perfect ground to the tourist. If you want to spend some time with nature then you should visit the following places in Bakor village. Bakor is located near to the Rajasthan Border and it is 142 kilometres away from the Ahmedabad and 90 kilometres from the Modasa and 155 km away from the Vadodara. One famous dam Kadana is 35 km away from the Bakor village.

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Wildlife of the Bakor

The wildlife of Bakor is amazing because here you find the Mammals such as mongoose and jackals, different species of snakes, fox, nilgai, hyenas, star tortoise, grey hornbill, fruit bat, drongo, horn owl and chinkara. Here mainly found the is the ideal place for the outdoor experience. The nature of this village is very peaceful and it has amazing wildlife. Bakor village gives an authentic Gujarati traditional culture. I recommended this place to the nature lovers, wildlife photographers and nature photographers.

  • Bakor waterfall & Kaleshwari

Bakor is a historical site where you can find the amazing birdlife and distinct tribal culture. Here you also find some stepwell and 13th & 15th century’s structure. The main attraction of this village is the waterfall which is located in the village. Surrounding nature of this waterfall is very relaxing.

  • Dodvanta lake trekking & Jher-umeriya trekking

Here you can enjoy rock climbing, trekking, and bird watching in the green forest. The forest is covered with the Mahuda trees, grass, Saag trees and ayurvedic trees.



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