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In India trip to Goa is a memorable trip. we are the best Goa Tour Travel company in Veraval/Somnath. After this trip, you fill relaxing and delight. The tourist comes from Europe to Nepal and almost around the world. Goa is one of the leading tourist places in India.


Some useful Information about Goa trip:

It is a safer place to travel to for solo women in India.

  • Here people spoke mostly Kokoni, Marathi language but              mostly they understood the English and Hindi.
  • Goa is famous for the beaches, night market, seafood and
        water sport.
  • Goa is a tiny state with a higher literacy rate.

Best Time for Goa trip

Goa is famous for beach life so best enjoyed under the bright sun.

  • Mostly tourist season in Goa is from November to the weekend of March.
  • In April month schools in India are closed for summer vacations so you can see many families travelling to Goa.
  • These crowd you don’t saw in the Monsoon.
  • Also in the winter months, Goa has a very delightful moderate weather.

Monsoon in Goa

Goa is beautiful but it is painful. The Arabian Sea takes dangerous form, with most of the beaches being off-limits for the swimmers. Due to that most of the water sports are closed during this time. If you are a nature lover then you have to head to Goa during monsoon.


How to reach Goa

       Goa is well connected with different cities. You can reach Goa by car/train/flight/bus etc. Many flights fly daily from the Mumbai to Goa. Goa has a domestic airport (Dabolim (GOI)).


      It is also serving as a naval base of the Indian military. If you have to see different scenes then you have to prefer train journey by Konkan Railways. Madgaon (MAO) and Vasco Da Gama (VSG) are the two major railway stations that connect Goa with the rest of the cities of the country. You can also use the bus to Goa from nearby states. The overnight bus runs from nearby states and takes you to the connecting hub at Kadamba Bus station but it is a last-minute option because this journey is painful. 


How to rent a bike in Goa

  • Here you can hire bikes, cars by submitting your licence. Do not forget to get a photo of the license which will be used at a police check post. Drink and drive is a punishable offence in India.


Festivals in Goa

  • New Year’s Eve: 31st December is celebrated in Goa with colourful beaches, beautiful fireworks and with pleasant music. 
  • Viva Carnival: It is the Catholic festival, often compared with Rio carnival, it has a grand celebration where parades, masked dance and other cultural activities. It reminds the “Bisarjan Carnival ” of Durgapuja.


  • Narkasur: Post Diwali, Narka Chaturdashi celebration is celebrated when the rest of the country
    celebrates Diwali.

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